Personal Bio

I grew up in Saint Paul, MN. Outside of astronomy, I like to read, hang out with my dog, and play soccer. Below is a picture of me with my college soccer team! Picture of my club soccer team in college

I also love to read and watch Game of Thrones. I hope to someday visit all of the Game of Thrones filming sites!

Here is a picture of me visiting the 'arrowhead mountain' from beyond the Wall in Iceland and the children of the forest in front of it.
Here is a picture of me at the Wilding Camp. It was filmed on a glacier!
Here I am at Eastwatch by the Sea.
The entrance to the Vale (which is actually the location of a ridge between two tectonic plates).
Old Town where Sam and Gilly go so that Sam can become a Maester
The location for the play in Braavos where Arya is hired to assassinate Lady Crane.
The Sept of Baelor
Streets of Braavos where Arya begs after becoming blind.
Steps of Braavos where the Waif chases Arya.